Dubai - my Top 6 attractions

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Created on Wednesday, 02 December 2015 Written by petrov

Dubai - these are all great things in the world - just a corner greater. The largest mall, an indoor ski slope in the desert, which largest artificial islands and much more. Many places of interest combined with a lot of (luxury) hotels, a guaranteed sunshine and many shopping opportunities - Dubai offers a lot. I was already five times in Dubai and I have collected in this article all the things you do in Dubai in my view, should once off the beaten track, the tourists go normal. I have to every attraction the prices posted, so you can plan accordingly.

1. The largest building in the world to visit - Burj Khalifa

The name is pronounced like "Burj Khalifa". Khalifa is the name of the President of the United Arab Emirates. The 828 meters is currently the highest building in the world is definitely worth a visit. But standing just below and photograph it is not enough ;-). you should definitely buy a ticket and take the elevator to the 124th floor. The observation deck is located at 452 meters above sea level there, making it the second highest in the world. From there you have a magnificent view of the constantly under construction Dubai.

A normal ticket for the elevator ride costs 125 AED which are 25-27 EUR depending on the conversion rate. Here you have to buy a ticket for a certain time. The waiting time on site may take 30 minutes or even several hours. If a lot is going on, then it may be that you do not get more tickets for the current day. Then you can have a maximum of Immediate Entry tickets for 400 AED Buy. These are about 80 euros, so that you come up anytime. I will therefore recommend that ticket to book in advance on the internet. The sooner you book, the more choice in terms of visiting time you have. And the guaranteed best rate. For me the best time is half an hour before sunset, because there can make very nice pictures. Current time for sunset can be found here. Since one can arbitrarily long remain above driving time high, so you can also have a few pictures when it's light snap. For platform Burj Khalifa you will reach them most easily by the Dubai Mall. She calls herself "at the top" and is signposted. Did you actually that was installed in the Burj recycled steel from the former Palast der Republik in Berlin?

2. The largest water games in the world - Dubai Fountain

The largest fountain in the world would these fountains do justice. At fixed times you can admire a show of water, light and music here. Daily at 13:00 clock and 13:30 clock and every 30 minutes from 18:00 clock to 22:00 clock from Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday from 18:00 clock to 23:00 clock. you should at least fifteen minutes before to be there to catch a good spot on the water.

A tip from me are the restaurants right on the water features. Here you can eat tasty and enjoy the shows. However you reservierst previously best a table because the tables on the terrace are almost always fully booked. The restaurants are all located in the "Souk Al Bahar", a small market just in front of the Fountain and the Dubai Mall. The Mango Tree restaurant is a very good Thai restaurant. Only the lady at the entrance seems to be a little haphazard ... We have 15 minutes to wait for a table as we had not reserved. She has within this time forget that we wait. If you're not on the Burj sunset, then you can enjoy a beautiful sunset here. The contrast between water, sun and the skyscrapers is impress. If you do not want to watch from one of the restaurants, then go at least over the bridge towards the small souk and front right and right again. There are not so many people and you can do that

3. The largest aquarium in a shopping mall - Dubai Aquarium

In the middle of the Dubai Mall where you'll find a huge aquarium with lots of water creatures therein. Among really large sharks and rays. The aquarium has 51x20x11 meters and is really huge. 33,000 inhabitants are to live in it.
Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium

The aquarium you can admire free. On 3 floors, you may look at the fish and take pictures. Direct to the Aquarium you can not do, you have to keep two meters distance. Want to get closer, you have to buy you a ticket. The costs from 80 AED (about 15 euros) and it's easy to go to the disc, through the tunnel in the aquarium, which is great because the fish then swim right over your head. What many do not know behind the aquarium, there is a "Underwater Zoo" with many other animals, including penguins. Also, since you are allowed in with the ticket. Those who want can even go diving, but which has to pay extra. But where can you ever "descend" in interest?

4. Shopping in Dubai Mall

The mall is quite central in Downtown Dubai and is very easy to reach by metro. She is one of the largest malls in the world. On 350,000 square meters you find about about 1,200 shops and restaurants. For this purpose, the aquarium, an ice rink, the largest gold souk in the world, a 25-meter-high artificial waterfall, a cinema and an amusement park, the Sega World. For fans of the series "Big Bang Theory" there is even a Cheesecake Factory ;-). In the Dubai Mall you can shop until the doctor comes. There you will find shops selling goods for really every need, there are plenty of designers and even electronics stores. If you have become hungry from shopping, just go to the food court and Choose one of the many restaurants in order to strengthen you - an experience.

Dubai Mall

    In the mall you have to pay for designer fashion, electronics and other merchandise known manufacturers in the same regions, we. In Germany, partly slightly more expensive due to the weak euro at present The branches of international restaurant chains are also not known for bargain prices.
    The advantage of the Mall is the shopping experience and all the shops that you could wish to find in a strip mall.

5. Gold and spices in the souks

As souks the market district of the cities are referred to in the Arab world, which are used almost exclusively to trading. In Dubai the gold and the Spice Souk are worth visiting in any case. Both are located in the ancient district of Deira. Here you will find hundreds of small shops where you can buy gold and jewelry and spices. Also heard a lot of knick-knacks and trinkets as well as the classic tourist-souvenir. On the Gold Souk, the jewels and the gold are probably all real. But I'm not sure whether that also applies to every business in the streets. In the streets nervous especially the traders who want to sell you fake watches and handbags and sunglasses. My strategy is, where not to look in the eyes, because with eye contact they come right up to you and if you talk to me a friendly "No", and not rise again. If you want to buy fakes, then go look at one of the men with and look for what they sell. If you have to necessarily buy fakes, then go by taxi to the Karama souk. If you enjoy cooking or bäckst, then you should definitely on the spice souk and stock up on spices. There is a huge selection and the prices are quite good. As in any Arab market applies here too: action is compulsory and

    Gold and spices you can buy at very good prices. Jewelry is often sold at the normal price of gold. so you get the manual work on jewelry gift. Spices are very inexpensive.
    Action is required. Never pay the first price. And it is true, ever hidden a business is, the higher the risk to buy, fakes and forgeries ...

6. All day Baden - Aquaventure Water Park

Every time I'm in Dubai, one day heard in Aquaventure it. This water park is located on one of the artificial islands in Dubai, on the palm in the Jumeira district right next to the Atlantis Hotel. This huge water park you can, if you like, the whole day lying on a tire and let you drive through the park. If that's too boring, then just use the many water slides, which can be used with or without water tire. Among other things, the "Leap of Faith". This slide is 27 meters down almost vertically, and you slip a breakneck speed. On some slides your road by aquariums full of sharks. But do not worry, that you can go in a tube as by