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A Matter of Time and Space

Category: Cars Articels
Created on Saturday, 10 October 2015 Written by water_spirit

Some people wonder what car will best suit their needs – sporty, bigger or effective one. If you live in a big city, then you should opt for a vehicle with an automatic gearbox. Why?! Well, the automatic transmission means that you won`t get tired of the manual change, due to the great numbers of stops and crossroads in the city. The other thing is the effectiveness of the automatic cars, which are better suited for long travels and often stops. If you like to travel a lot and to hit often the speedy highways, then the mechanical gearbox is what you have needed for so long. Actually, the mechanical transmissions are more durable that the regular auto gearboxes. And the best thing is that if your mechanical transmission crashes, it won`t take that much money to get it fixed, compare to the automatic one.


Modern automobiles are well-equipped to withstand any road or weather condition. Some of them get low or high ride positions, which reflect directly on their comfort and off-road ability. Many people complain about the certain road conditions, especially in the countryside. Well, city residents are much obliged from the renovations and development of their streets and roads. Even in the Western Europe, the road conditions are subject for drivers` worries. Poor country B-roads with their unique potholes are main reason for many damages and critical situations of the visitors` vehicles.

Speaking about bigger cars - some people would love to show their bigger cars under the city lights, but such automobiles could be very painful matter, especially while searching for a parking spot near the downtown buildings.

The main thing regarding the car choice is to get a helpful and usable vehicle. Modern times require more practical and effective decisions. That`s why the SUVs are very popular nowadays. They combine the style and features of bigger off-road vehicle, with the simplicity and effectiveness of the family car. It`s true, that even youngsters opt for a SUV, as the aforementioned cars are the biggest trend on the auto market nowadays. But, somehow the rising oil prices have lifted the need for more economical vehicles. The European car makers and their products are the best example of such vehicles – practical and helpful. People don`t need any more bigger and thirsty road animals, as the auto game has changed its philosophy and requirements.