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Don`t Litter, Recycle

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Created on Sunday, 28 December 2014 Written by Administrator

To be a part of a just system, sometimes doesn’t mean a chance, but a great responsibility. It`s the only gift we are obliged to leave behind us.

To preserve the Nature from the damages of the human behavior is something we must put in the first place. Let`s make it clear, the greatest problem of our century are environmental changes, due to the economic growth and thus – the junk, left buy the big companies and their work.

But the world is changing and so are we. Today it`s not so hard and difficult to prevent the environment from the hazardous garbage, as a result of the everyday`s life.


Even the global economical crises and domestic conflicts are not so dangerous for the human nature, as the global climate changes. So we can say louder, ‘don`t litter, recycle’, because the Lonely Planet is our first and may be the last home.

As the time goes by, the companies worldwide make it possible to recycle almost everything that has been left by the factory work. And it`s not the only one good news about it. Almost any kind of garbage could be used for making new products. In times of recession the use and benefits of the recycling process are something very important for the struggling economies.

Today, to be responsible means to have more than an outgoing personality towards the society itself and its problems. It`s more important to keep our only home, the planet Earth, clean and neat, without worrying for the tomorrows of our children. Recycling is not privilege, it`s more about self-esteem and obeisance before our mission as guests on this planet, for a pretty short period of time. The mission of our mankind is to pay the spirit forward for the next generations to come.

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